My Bones, Mama

Mama, you poured too much life in these bones
And my marrow is beginning to melt
From the perpetual motion
Mama, I must confess my crushing devotion
To the delight of my own destruction
My own induction
To irresistible immolation
A violent violation
But a visceral temptation
I burn too bright, mama
There's too much fire in these bones
And mama, I don't know
How much more I can handle
It grows
Every moment
But these bones are only so big
They will become brittle, break open
But when?
How long can I pretend
To be the genuine heroine?
This is my burden, mama
And you can't lift it
But loan me your levers
So I can load it on these shoulders
You bestowed too much love
To these bones
For me to let go
So instead I hold up my head
Until the weight of my mind
Collapses my spine
Time is taunting me, mama
There's too much of it
And it can't stop
Until I do
I can't slow down, mama
I'm trying
Mama I'm crying
Magma tears that seep
Into my cheeks before they're seen
Mama, I'm dying
This life, these bones
They're killing me