Lifting the Veil

Through clouded eyes I have seen
Things you could never possibly imagine
Without moving my feet
I have discovered worlds
That you never even knew existed
But now, the veil has been lifted
And I see
That there is more than even I
Could have believed
Realization that there are places outside of my head
Brought me to my knees screaming
But when the tears could not suppress the fright
I opened my eyes and explored
Like a lost and fearful child
The realm that lay around me
Many times I burned myself
And discovered what flame was
Too often did I trip and fall
And so discovered gravity
Frequently I was let down
Beginning to understand reality
Watching in the mirror I have seen
A pretending child evolve into herself
And more, so much more
Watched me grow and become real
Think of where I hid before
See where I stand today
Basking in the sunshine now
And unafraid