Electric Deity

2010 Performance at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA

My mind
Is a delicate crystal butterfly
Crocheted together crooked

A perfect
A saintly sort of wicked
Like halos hung on horns
I am one
I am two
I am me
I am you
Am I?

I am momentum
And reality
Is friction
But reality
Is fiction
It's just a desription
Of our perception
Of what lies around us
But what's inside us?
Nothing to say

God is a neruon
Firing constantly
Through cracking connections
Made of misconceptions and
Failed dimensions
Collaborations and
Our creator
Is our creation
While we as peoples
poke and prod the pieces
Into precise positions, yet
As we plummet
Into connections
Our constructs crumble like card castles
Creating cavities

We watch
As hearts and hopes empty
And realize
The light illuminating the darkest passage
Is only mere illusion
And in the arms of this bleak beauty
I squirm
And urge to
Get them off me!
Break these chains
The ones I wove myself
From my tendons
And veins
Stitched them so precicely
With my heartstrings
To their anchors
Refuse to rip
Bending Bleeding
Burning ache
To be free
Like a fierce and frigid fire
Flying, flipping
No fear of falls
Foundations fragmented
I feel
Fossilized here
Fastened by

My minsicule my microscopic
Stitch by stitch by stitch by
Meditative, trance-inducing
Stitch by stitch by

Losing time
Chasing tails
Losing trains and
Tracing trails of
Thought and not
Without anxiety
The prettiest pieces
Of the most perfect snowflakes
Simply don't go together
Though my seams are all satisfactory
Somehow something so special
Must stress
And stretch
To exist
And yet I'm drowning in this
Partial bliss
You may say half-hearted, but
Am I the half that pumps or
Do I pull or
Do you mean that I can't be full?
Because I am
I am
Overflowing and
I want more.