Ragdoll's Riot

Released in 2010, Ragdoll's Riot marked Halliday's first published collection. All of her prior works were released individually.

Innovative metaphors throughout thematically return to the concept of rebuilding oneself after being utterly destroyed. Follow the narrator through a poetic journey that will both wrench and warm your heart.

(Hard Copy)

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Written Poetry:

  • ‡ A Fluctuating Frenzy
  • Blood on the Snow
  • ‡ Breathe
  • ‡ Cassandra's Cry
  • ‡ Concealed In Your Kiss
  • Dusty Dreams
  • ‡ I'm Fine
  • Lead Me Home
  • Lifting the Veil
  • My Bones, Mama
  • Nervous Tic
  • ‡ Not Me
  • Outer Orbit
  • Pandora
  • Poets Don't Fall in Love
  • Shooting Stars
  • ‡ The Fragments


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Short Stories:

Although I do write fan fiction, this area is reserved for original stories.

  • Adriana Immortal
  • Seduction of the Flame


Included in the collection Ragdoll's Riot.